About us

The Department of Culture of the City of Frankfurt am Main aims to contribute to the sustainable recognition of visual artists in Frankfurt am Main and its surroundings through the artist directory it has developed. The directory is intended to serve as a reference work for all art enthusiasts, as well as for municipal offices, public institutions, and private art sponsors, thereby supporting the promotion of artists living and working here.

Artists decide for themselves with their application whether and how they are included in the directory. If they agree, their field of activity is presented with selected examples of their work. They can also provide a contact address so that art enthusiasts can get in touch with them. The directory includes artists with a completed degree from a state art academy who have chosen Frankfurt am Main or its surroundings as their place of residence and work.

The artist directory does not claim to be complete. Rather, this publication is intended to invite all visual artists in the region to apply for inclusion in the directory. The directory will always represent a work in progress, as the art scene in Frankfurt am Main, like other industries, is subject to dynamic change.

Criteria for Artists' Inclusion

All artists are free to apply to the Department of Culture if they wish to be included in the artist directory of the City of Frankfurt am Main and believe they meet the inclusion criteria. A specialized committee decides on the application, and its decision is final and not subject to appeal.
Application for inclusion